My Morning Conversation

A flood of negative emotions awakened me this morning. Regret. Sadness. Insufficiency. As I am grappling with these emotions, one thought seems to bud from nowhere: God is good.

Yes but…
No buts. God is good.
Think it louder. God is good.

I know but…
Mind be quiet. God is good.
Mouth Say it. God is good.
Say it again. God is good.

Meditate on why He is good.
He is redemptive.
He is restorative.
He is faithful.

He is bigger than my mistakes.
He is bigger than my failures.

Yea, yea, yea, but what about….
He is still good.
He will never leave or forsake me.
He will protect me from all harm and danger.

Yes, but I made the mistake.
He is merciful and kind.
He redeems and restores the mistakes we make and the wrong others have done to us.
He is just that Good.

Say it. God is good.
Say it again. God Is Good.
Say it louder. GOD IS GOOD!
Sing it. 🎶 For the Lord, He is great! And He’s worthy to be praised! Magnify Him and lift Him up! 🎶

Personalize it.
God is good to me.
He loves me.
His favor is upon me.
He prospers me.
He redeems me.
He restores me.
He opens doors for me.

Emotions you have to submit to truth.

Regret submit to these truths:
As I look to Him I am radiant. My face is never covered with shame.
All things work together for my good.
I have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
He is my hope and my future.

Sadness submit to these truths:
He has given me beauty for ashes.
Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Therefore I have joy.
He cares for me.
He has made me glad.

Insufficiency submit to these truths:
He has equipped me with every spiritual blessing.
I have been made sufficient in Him.
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
In Him, I can do all things.

Holy Spirit, continue to remind me of these truths as I go about my day. Keep my mind and my emotions focused on the Goodness of God today. Let your peace, your favor, your mercy surround me as a shield. Give me a greater revelation of your love. Let me be a blessing to others as you bless me. Amen.