The Dash

The Dash. The time between when I was born and when I see Jesus. Everybody has one. What will you do with it?

In a post, I used the term, “White privilege.” If I offended you by that choice of words, I apologize. I did not understand it was an offensive term to some. In using it, I did not mean to accuse, to blame, or to invoke guilt.

So let me choose a different word “disparity”. My post was intended to show the disparity between how people of color are portrayed in this country, and how we are treated. Again, I am not accusing, I’m inviting. I’m inviting everyone who truly want to make this country “the home of the free” to recognize these disparities and then used their “dash” to actively try to combat these disparities in your sphere of influence.

Here is a lie of the enemy: If we talk about the disparities in this country that exists between African-Americans and Caucasians, we will only further polarize this nation. The enemy loves darkness. It’s only when a problem is diagnosed that it can be solved. Therefore we must learn to listen to each other’s POV, respect our differences, and have the difficult conversations. Sometimes you must fight for unity.

Here is a truth that is applied incorrectly: The church should not discuss these disparities because we are equal in God’s eyes. Yes, God has created each of us and loves us equally. In the Kingdom, there is neither Jew, nor Greek, nor male or female. However it is our job to bring Heaven to earth. 2000 years ago, women were oppressed by society. Jesus came and commissioned women to learn, to evangelize, to be leaders in the church. Yet we are still debating if women should preach and teach in the church today. Jesus set women free, but the church must actively teach, and demonstrate this truth by championing for women and give them a platform to walk in their gifts. We must use our “dash” to do the same when it comes to issues of racial disparities.

My husband and I are living the American dream. Good jobs. Well educated. Great families. Great church. We want for nothing. I know we are enjoying the blessings of God. It would be very easy for me in my suburban home, to relax and think, “I overcame, why can’t you.” But I’m choosing to use my “dash” to champion the rights of the oppressed, the underdogs, the least of these. I am choosing to speak out against the disparities that exists in this country. I will do all of this in love while pointing people to Christ. I know people cannot be truly free without Jesus.

I know I have a diverse readership. I appreciate each of you. I seek to use the platform He has given me to embolden, to empower, to impact. I want to be a positive voice of change, to bring healing and unity to the Body of Christ. But I will sometimes challenge you, I may offend you (although it’s not my intention), I may cause you to rethink a position. You can choose to agree with me or not. You can choose to unfriend me. But I cannot, will not be silent about the disparities I see in this country. I will use my “dash” to love, to preach, and to champion for the underdog. That’s how I will use my “dash”. How are you using your “dash”?
Repost from 2017