Blessed to be a Blessing

I’m overwhelmed with the goodness of the Lord.

Earlier this week, some friends and I had the opportunity to stay at a fabulous beach home, situated right on the beach. The home was lavish and the hosts were beyond gracious. I had a floor of the beach home to myself where I could pray and hear from God while hearing the soothing sounds of the beach. It was heaven on earth.

Yesterday, I had a completely different experience. Some friends and I went to Raleigh, packed bags of food, snacks, and water and delivered them to the homeless, the displaced, and the poor. We prayed and heard from God on the busy streets of Raleigh. We prophesied and encouraged people. We were the hands and feet of God. It was heaven on earth.

We serve a God that allows us to be fed and to feed. He pours into us so that we can pour out in others. He blesses us so that we can be a blessing. 

This week, I stand in awe of God’s goodness. The same God who pampered me at the beach is the same God who gave me compassion on the streets of Raleigh. I stand in awe of His extravagance. I am amazed by His faithfulness.