Many of my single friends are praying for their Boaz. As I hear them speak, it seems as if Boaz has become this mystical creature, this perfect husband, who completes this long list of requirements.

But when I read the story of Ruth, Boaz was simply a man who was honorable, kind, and generous. (I don’t see all the other characteristics we attribute to Boaz.)

I guess in some aspects, we are all praying for a “Boaz”. Maybe our Boaz is not a husband but a job, an open door, an opportunity, a house. We have made our list of the perfect “Boaz.” And we pursue it refusing to compromise, refusing to relent.

But what if our list prevents us from seeing God’s list for us. What if our list is blinding us from recognizing the Blessing God has for us.

Having a baby at 90 and 100 was not on Sarah and Abraham’s list on ways to start a nation.

Four days in the grave was not on Mary’s and Martha’s list of how to heal their brother.

David was not on his parent’s list of which of their boys should be the next king.

Being enslaved and jailed was not on Joseph’s list of how his brothers would bow down to him.

A carpenter’s son from Nazareth, with questionable lineage was not on anyone’s list to be the Messiah.

So maybe friends, it’s time to get rid of our list. Maybe it’s time to say, “Lord, I trust you. I trust you with my dream. I trust you with my desires. I trust you have my best interest at heart. I trust your love for me. I lay down my list and simply say, “your will be done.””

Is this a lack faith? I like to think it’s surrender.