Prophesy in the Storm

What if in the middle of the storm, we stopped and prophesied our future? What if when we reached the end of ourselves and tomorrow seems unclear, we declared the goodness of God over our lives. What if instead of saying what was happening we decreed what God wants to happen.

Are you in a battle this morning? Prophesy your future with me:

The Lord is my salvation and my light. I will not fear.
The Lord will protect me and I will not tremble.
Many may come against but I am confident that God will keep me safe.
I will gaze on the beauty of God. I will praise Him despite the storm raging around me.
The Lord will hear my voice when I cry out to Him. He will never leave or abandon me.
I will remain confident of God’s goodness in the storm.
This storm will not last forever but I will see the goodness of the Lord on this side of heaven.
I will be strong. I will take heart. I will wait on the Lord and He will deliver me out of the storm.
Psalm 27

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