Love Yourself

My Prayer:
Lord teach me to love me as you love me.
Help me extend grace to me when I err.
Remind me to be kind to me.
Give me wisdom to Sabbath and to say no.
Grant me courage to set boundaries.
Give me faith to delegate.
May my Spirit overflow with your presence.

This prayer seems selfish; far too many “me’s” to be God sanctioned, perhaps.

But Jesus commanded us to “love our neighbors as we love ourselves.” Charity starts with being charitable towards ourselves.

Paul writes, “forgive others as you have been forgiving.” It’s hard to extend grace to others when you require perfection from yourself.

After sharing my plans for the weekend, my husband asked, “Where do you find the time.” I couldn’t answer because I didn’t like the answer.

I am not being kind to myself.
I am not Sabbathing.
I am operating out of routine and not presence.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? Fear? Fear of rejection. Fear of falling? Fear of not being loved? Fear of missing out?

What casts out fear? Perfect love.

Therefore, I pray, “Lord teach me to love me as you love me.” Perhaps this prayer is not selfish at all. Perhaps it’s understanding, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will eventually have nothing to give anyone else.

As a human, Jesus rested, delegated, Sabbath, had fun, always operated out of presence. I want to be like Jesus. Therefore, I pray, “Teach me to love me as you love me.”