Little by Little

“It’s my promise and I want it NOW!” I wonder if that is how I sometimes sound like to God? God who lives outside of time, will often show us promises for our lives – huge promises beyond what we can ask think or imagine. Our heart is excited. We think we are ready to walk in that promise this very second but God in His infinite wisdom knows we need to take the land little by little.

The children of Israel were leaving slavery and headed towards a land flowing in milk and honey. They had been an oppressed people, mistreated, beaten down. Slavery is not just a physical oppression but also a mental oppression. We quickly see, while they had been physically delivered, mentally, they still had the thought patterns of slaves.

If God had immediately given them the promise land after leaving slavery it would have destroyed them. They had left their bondage experience but the bondage experience was still alive in their hearts. Slavery is insidious. So God says, “I’m going to give you your promise land, little by little.” As I drive out the slavery mentality I will give you more and more land. The New Testament puts it this way, “I pray that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.”

So do you want to see the fullness of that which God has promised?

1. Prosper where you are. Steward well what God has currently given you. Bear fruit where you are.

2. Prosper in your soul. Remain teachable. Allow God to wash you in His word.

3. Prosper in your heart. Remain grateful and thankful.

You will see God’s promises come to pass in your lifetime. And when it comes, it will not destroy you for God is prospering your soul to receive all He has for you!

“Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. I will not drive them out before you in a single year, that the land may not become desolate and the beasts of the field become too numerous for you. I will drive them out before you little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land. (‭Exodus‬ ‭23‬:‭20, 29-30‬ NASB)