It’s Time to Break Loose


I’m reading The story of Esau and Jacob this morning. On the direction of his mother, Jacob stole Esau’s blessing. I glean the following truths from this story:

1. God can redeem our bad parenting.

2. In the Old Testament, apparently the Father’s blessing was limited. But today we live under open heavens and God’s unlimited resources. My brother’s blessing can not diminish my blessing. There is more than enough for every person to be blessed!

3. This perhaps is the most important lesson. No matter what hand life has dealt you, no matter what has been stolen from you, no matter what generational habits (some may call curses) you are struggling with, your freedom is just a decision away. Isaac told Esau:

“You will live by the power of your sword and be your brother’s slave. But when you decide to be free, you will break loose.”” Genesis‬ ‭27:40‬ ‭CEV‬‬

When you decide enough is enough, when you decide to stop blaming, when you decide morning has come, when you decide greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world, when you decide to forgive, when you decide to believe God, when you decide to be free, no demon in hell, no generational habit, no past mistake can prevent you from breaking loose!

It’s time to break loose!

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