Heal & Restore

Yesterday during worship. I heard the Lord say, “My Presence is here to heal and restore.” Healing and restoration are characteristic of God. He loves to heal and restore.

In the Old Testament, Israel was forever getting in trouble, wandering away from God by worshipping other gods. When things got bad because of their actions, they would cry out to God. In His mercy, He would heal and restore their land.

In the New Testament, Jesus came healing those who were sick and restoring the hearts of the children back to our Father. From the fall of man until this very moment, God heals and restores.

Where in your life do you need healing? Is it physical? Emotional? Relational? God’s presence is available right here, right now, to heal and make you whole. By His stripes you are healed. Take hold of it. Believe it. Declare it.

Do you need restoration. God specifically said He wanted to restore fortunes. I believe God is beginning a process in your life where He is bringing restoration in areas where the enemy has stolen from you. Picture God, grabbing Satan by the ear, like an impudent child and forcing him to return what he wrongfully stole from you.

But God is gracious. He is also restoring the mistakes you made. Your own decisions may have led you to this point, but God is still willing and able to restore. Come before Him without guilt or shame. Bring your ruins to Him and allow Him to give you beauty for ashes.

God, our hero, is healing and restoring today. Receive it.

“Our hero, come and rescue us! O God of the breakthrough, for the glory of your name, come and help us! Forgive and restore us; heal us and cover us in your love.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭79:9‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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