Is This a Test?

“God is faithful even when we are not; so why do I need to be faithful?” That was my thought yesterday as I drove to bible study. It was a thought birthed out of tiredness and unpreparedness.

God and I had a laugh about it. I thought about the Captain America movie. Before Captain America was transformed into a super soldier, his skinny self was constantly asking, “Is this a test?” So I asked, God as I drove to bible study, tired and longing for mindless TV, “Is this a test?”

His answer, “Yes.”

God doesn’t test us with sickness or evil, but every good teacher gives a test. He is a good teacher.

Now let me remind you, the test is not to qualify for you as son or daughter. His love for us does not depend upon our test scores. The test is to see if you are prepared for more.

Now I know this may seem contradictory to grace, but Jesus did give us the parable of the talents.

Yes God is faithful even when we aren’t but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about our faithfulness. He wants to develop our character. He doesn’t want to give us more than our character can sustain. He can’t take us into battle only for us to turn and run at the first sign of trouble. So he gives us test.

Here are some of God’s favorite test topics (at least for me.)

Are you steadfast?
How do we handle disappointment?
How do we handle a friend’s promotion?
How do you handle betrayal?
What do you do in the wait?
What do you do when no one is looking?
How do you handle lack?

Now if you are not a good test taker, don’t worry. God is a great teacher and He remediates. If you don’t do well, He will teach you again and give you another opportunity to take the test with no penalty.

Did I pass the test last night? Well, as I was almost at church, this song by MercyMe began to play:

🎶 So next time when you tell yourself this isn’t worth it
Hold your head up, breathe in deep, remember
Ooh, ooh, you know it’s gonna be alright
Ooh, ooh, you know it’s gonna be alright
Well there’s a love much stronger than everything that holds you down right now
Sayin’, ooh, ooh, you know it’s gonna be alright
Count it pure joy when the whole world comes crashin’
Hold you head up and keep on dancin’. 🎶

So I went into church and danced -prayed for the sick, encouraged, laugh, loved, exhorted. My tiredness left. I was prepared in Him. And I wanted to be nowhere else but in bible study.

Go pass your test today!