Five Ways to Cooperate With Your Breakthrough
Lessons learned from the story of Ruth

Ruth’s story is the epitome of God’s breakthrough power. Her story resonates with so many single women. But her story is universal. We all have dreams shrouded in disappointment. We all have places in our lives we thought would be different. And Ruth’s story gives each of us hope.

I would describe Ruth as loyal, faithful, humble, obedient, and hard-working. And perhaps if we want what Ruth got, we must be willing to do what Ruth did. Below are five spiritual principles Ruth exhibited.

1. Ruth was faithful. As Ruth clung to her mother-in-law, we cling to Jesus. Our attitude should be that of Ruth’s, “Where you lead me, I will go.”

2. Ruth was willing to leave what is comfortable and familiar. Ruth dared go to a foreign land. Would she be accepted? There was animosity between Israel and Moab. Would she spend her life as a widow? This new land was unknown, uncertain but she dared venture into the unknown.

3. Ruth humbled herself and did what was necessary. If you gleaned the fields it was known you were poor or a farmer. But Ruth was willing to do the unpopular job with grace and dignity. Don’t despise small beginnings.

4. Ruth heeded the advice of her elder.

5. Ruth was willing to ask for what she wanted. When Ruth said to Boaz, “Take me under your wings (Ruth 3:9b),” she was asking Boaz to claim her for marriage. She risked being rejected and laughed at.

God is the Lord of the Breakthrough! And your breakthrough is coming. Cooperate with what God is doing in you and through you.

“Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. He slept with her, and the Lord granted conception to her, and she gave birth to a son.”
‭‭Ruth‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭CSB‬‬