In It To Win It

I learned this song in VBS over 35 years ago. As I look at the words today, I think, “Man we were so deceived. The only true statement in these lyrics is ‘I’m in the Lord’s Army’.”

“I’m in the Lord’s army.
I may never march in the infantry,
Ride in the Calvary,
Shoot the artilery
Fly over the enemy,
But I’m in the Lord’s Army.”

We are in a battle. Every Christian. You will not come through this life unscathed. Eventually Satan is going to mess with you, lie to you, accuse you, steal from you. He will try to kill you and destroy you. You will not get through this life without a battle.

You see, you can’t be an Overcomer unless you have something to overcome.
You can’t be Victorious without a battle.
You can’t be Resurrected without a death.
You can’t prevail over darkness if darkness never comes your way.

Friends, your struggle is simply preparing you to be the mighty warrior God called you to be. The enemy’s attacks on you are simply making you stronger, tougher, more resilient. Sure, sometimes he may get a good punch in every now and then that knocks us down, but we get back up again more tenacious, more determined to win.

So when the enemy does his job – lie, accuse, attack, we do our job – overcome, win, resurrect, prevail. We recognize that song I sang 35 years ago is a lie.

We are in the Lord’s Army. But we march in the infantry by putting on our shoes of peace and treading over our enemies.

We ride in the Calvary by healing the sick, speaking with new tongues, performing miracles, driving back the darkness, loving people without judgment and rescuing others from darkness.

We put the word of God in our hearts and in our mouth and we shoot our artillery and triumph over the enemy.

We recognize we are seated in heavenly places and he is under our feet. We crush his puny head as we fly over our enemy.

We are in the Lord’s army. We are in it to win it. We are overcomers, victorious, resurrected, prevail-ors. Don’t despise your battle. It’s just training ground to walk in and sustain your promised land.

“He did this to teach warfare to generations of Israelites who had no experience in battle.”
‭‭Judges‬ ‭3:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

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