How Are You Going To Pay For That?

How are you going to pay for that?

That was the question I heard yesterday when I felt God gave me an idea of how to promote my upcoming book.

It’s the same question I heard four years ago when God called me to write the first book.

It’s the question I hear every time I decide to go on a missions trip.

It’s the question I hear anytime the Lord calls me to do something bigger than my bank account.

How are you going to pay for that?

Can anyone relate?

But money is never an obstacle for God. Never. Did you know that in the Garden of Eden there was gold and precious gems just lying around in the soil for aesthetics? (Genesis 2:12)

During Solomon’s time, gold and silver were as common as stone. (II Chronicles 1:15)

There is no lack in the kingdom of God! For those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. (Psalm 34:10)

So brothers and sisters, the next time God gives you an idea, a desire, a vision bigger than you are, get excited! Go to your Heavenly Father. But this time you ask the question with excitement and anticipation!

“Father, how you provide this time? Will you multiply what I have like you did with the fish and loaves? Will you send a fish or a raven with the supplies? Will you have my former oppressor give me their gold, like you did when your people left Egypt? Or will you do something completely new? I’m excited to see how you will provide this time!”

Do you have a dream bigger than your bank account? Remember, you also have a God bigger than your dream!

“Also the king made silver and gold as common in Jerusalem as stones, and he made cedars as abundant as the sycamores which are in the lowland.”
‭‭II Chronicles‬ ‭1:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬