Honor Your Birthright

Some Bible stories I like more than others. This morning, my daily reading was Genesis 25; the story of Esau giving away his birthright. Not one of my favorites. So I read it to simply to check it off of my list. But then the Holy Spirit showed me something I had not seen previously.

“Thus ‘Esav showed how little he valued his birthright.”
‭‭ Genesis 25:34‬b CJB‬‬

You know, God has uniquely created each of us. He has given us each unique gifts, individualized personalities, specific dreams and desires. We each have a unique birthright in Him. Do we value who God has made us to be?

So often we want to look like Halle Berry, teach like Beth Moore, preach like TD Jakes, serve like Mother Theresa. While it’s okay to have heroes in the faith, at the end of the day, we must realize God wants me to look like, teach like, preach like, serve like the me He has created me to be. I was created in His image. I was created for such a time as this.

Do you remember young David and Saul. Saul, an experienced warrior, was mentoring a young but enthusiastic David. Saul tried to make David into a junior version of himself. But David realized he had to go into battle as himself. David valued the unique warrior God had called him to be and to fight in the unique way God had instructed him to fight. Giants are slain when we know and value our unique birthright.

As new creations in Christ, our birthrights include joy, peace, forgiveness, authority over the enemy, power to silence and subdue the enemy, grace to love, provision for every need, acceptance, and an open invitation into His presence, to name a few.

I encourage you brothers and sisters to value your birthright. Honor the gifts and talents God has graciously given you. Celebrate your uniqueness. Cherish what God has given you. Be grateful for who you are. You are uniquely and beautifully you – God’s masterpiece created for good works.

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