Holiday Treasure

Only a few days until Christmas, my to do list is growing. I am consumed by all there is to do. As I run full speed, the potted poinsettia stares at me. This too is on my list – make sure to drop off at my neighbor’s house in condolence of their recent family loss.  I glance out the window and see my neighbor raking his yard. This has got to be an invitation to pause and go bless this family. I head over, asking God  to bless the card, the poinsettia, and especially  my words.

I walked over and the family began to testify of what the Lord had done during this difficult season. I immediately knew this was the wisest decision I had made today. Over the course of a solid hour, we prayed, testified, shared encouragement, and truly loved on each other! It was a powerful time of fellowship and faith building! I thought I was going to bless my neighbor but in the going, I too was blessed. That is the power of God!

As I turned to leave, God reminded me:

Learn to sense what is vital, approve and prize what is excellent and of real value. (Philippians 1:10)

When I left my neighbor’s home my heart was beaming. I was so touched by their faithfulness and what the Lord had done in and through them. My to do list no longer consumed me. My thoughts began to be centered on what is truly vital today and throughout this holiday season: love, bless and serve others.

As Christmas is fast approaching there are many things on our to do list – decorations, Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, baking, travel, and parties. What’s on your list? I want to challenge you this holiday season to reprioritize your list, maybe even take some items off (we do not have to do it all) and determine in your heart what is of real value.

Will you join me this year for #nostressholidays?

Comment below with your thoughts and testimonies!

Ashley Shuell

Ashley is the director of Hope Chapel Women’s Ministry and founder of His Daughter First Ministry. Ashley carries a strong testimony of God’s freedom and has a desire to set all women free. Like her His Daughter First Page on Facebook.

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