Freely Forgiven

Oh what an awesome God is Jehovah! Despite our shortcomings, He freely, without hesitation, forgives us. He not only forgives, but He removes the guilt and the shame of the transgression. We stand before Him holy and blameless.

Have you messed up? Have you made mistakes? Have you done something you dare not even speak? Take heart my friend, there is no transgression too dastardly for His mercy, no action too sinister for His grace, no deed too sinful for His love. He stands, arms opened wide, ready to embrace you, remind you there is no condemnation in Him, and freely forgive you of that dastardly transgression, sinister action, and sinful deed.

Run into His arms this morning. His forgiveness is free, His mercy is unlimited, His grace abounds, His redemption is unbelievable, His restoration is incredible for He is an awesome God.

“Our God, no one is like you. We are all that is left of your chosen people, and you freely forgive our sin and guilt. You don’t stay angry forever; you’re glad to have pity and pleased to be merciful. You will trample on our sins and throw them in the sea. You will keep your word and be faithful to Jacob and to Abraham, as you promised our ancestors many years ago.”
‭‭Micah‬ ‭7:18-20‬ ‭CEVDCUS06‬‬

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