Dream Big in 2016

What do you do when God speaks a grandiose dream into your heart? It’s big. Impossible in your own strengths, talents and abilities.

The old covenant began with a promise that was impossible naturally. Sarah, in her old, past child bearing years, would give birth. Abraham did what most of us have done and tried to offer God an option that was manageable in his abilities. How about Ishmael? Abraham essentially says, “I can’t see Sarah at this age bearing a child. Fulfill your promises through what makes sense in my limited abilities, my limited resources.”

The new covenant begins with an even more impossible in the natural promise. Mary, the virgin, will have a baby. Mary, too, did what we often do when God gives us an impossible dream. She reminds God of her shortcomings. “I have not been with a man.” We tell God things like, “I’m too old, too young, my temperament is wrong for this position, I’m not educated enough.”

God essentially tells Abraham and Mary the same thing. “Nothing is too hard for God. Stop looking at your abilities, your resources, and look to Me. Nothing is impossible for Me.” Has God given you a promise that overwhelms you? Has He spoken something in your heart that is impossible in your own strength and abilities? Is He asking you to do something outside of your pay grade? Get excited! Because nothing is impossible for God! Nothing is too hard for Him. If He can cause an old woman to give birth and impregnate a virgin, surely He can provide a spouse, open doors and opportunities for ministry, heal your body, write that book, run that business, start that school, give you your dream job, save your marriage, bring home the wayward child. Stop looking at your abilities and resources. Look to Him because nothing is too hard for God!

Is anything too difficult for the LORD? At the appointed time I will return to you, at this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” (Genesis 18:14 NASB)