Customize Your Order


The other day, I was reading a Facebook argument. Two people, I didn’t know were arguing on a friend’s page. It was like a bad accident. I tried not to watch but I just couldn’t turn away.

One of the participants in this FB quarrel presented facts without name calling. The other participant resorted to the sentiment that has become prevalent, “if you don’t agree with me, you must be evil.” While I agreed with second person’s stand, I did not like his tone. Consequently, I began to dislike someone I did not even know. I judged this person.

I clicked on his profile and was expecting to see a card carrying member of “stuck in the 1950’s.” But what I saw was a post that made me laugh and another post with the same quote I have hanging in my classroom. This person and I had more in common than not.

I had to repent.

Most of us on opposing sides have more in common than we think. If we could just lay down our rhetoric for a moment, if we could silence the political pundits that tell us what we are supposed to think, I believe we could find some common ground.

In the movie, When Harry Met Sally, Sally had this way of customizing her food order. She would look at a meal, accept some of it, reject other parts, and add something completely different. Perhaps we need to be more like this in choosing a political party. I’ll take pro-life from one column, health care from another all covered in a heaping helping of grace.

You do not have to be in total agreement with any company line. You don’t have to argue a point simply because your favorite commentator told you, this is how you must think. Your “friends” do not have to share your every thought. I had to repent of thinking someone was evil because he called someone evil. Oh the irony.

Healing our nation, will require all of us to:
1. Seek to find common ground with others.
2. Think for ourselves and feel free to customize our political stands
3. Judge no one.
4. Love everyone.

Lord heal our hearts so we can be agents in healing our nation.

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