Cultivating a Successful Soul – Rest

It seems as if women, especially successful women, wear our busyness as a badge of honor. This week, I was quick to tell anyone who would listen, how jammed packed my schedule has been.

It is if, as women we are trying to prove our worth. Moms who choose or need to stay home use their busyness to justify staying home. Moms who choose or need to work, use their busyness to prove neither work or home is suffering.

But I have learned, busyness has a price and that price is our well being.

As I read the story of Jesus, I see an example of a man who accomplished a lot in just three years. But I also see Jesus practicing “self-care.” Shouldn’t we as well? Here are four ways Jesus demonstrated self care and I encourage us to do the same.

1. Withdraw often. Jesus regularly withdrew from the busyness and the demands of the people to sit, pray, and commune with God. I implore you to do the same. Create a habit of daily withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of life to stop, listen, reflect. Because of my schedule, I set my alarm forty-five minutes earlier than necessary. I use that time to read my Bible, pray, and journal. I withdraw before I engage.

Find a routine that allows you to withdraw. Turn off the phone, don’t check emails and text. Truly withdraw from the world for a short time each day. I promise you, the world will not fall of its axis if you withdraw daily and recharge.

2. Have Fun. Jesus danced at weddings and went to parties. What do you enjoy doing? Set aside time for you to do what makes you happy. Is it watching TV? Is it reading a mystery novel? Is it playing video games? Is it going to lunch with friends. Don’t allow the world to dictate how you enjoy life. Schedule time to have fun.

3. Delegate. Jesus sent out twelve, than seventy-two. If we truly want to leave a legacy, we must train those coming after us to do what we do. We must release others to replace us when the time comes. They may not do things exactly like we would do it. But once again, the world will not end if things aren’t done exactly our way.

Build a team. An African Proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Learn to delegate.

4. Rest. Jesus slept like a baby during a storm. You operate at your best, when you are well rested. Structure your life to get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

Successful women, your busyness does not equate your value. You have nothing to prove. You have intrinsic value and worth. You don’t have to prove your value or your worth to anyone by keeping a jammed pack schedule. I encourage you to get off of the hamster wheel and cultivate times of withdrawing, playing, delegating, and resting.

My friends, cultivate your soul and rest!