Women, Know Your Place!

What was God’s original intent for women? In Genesis 2:18, God said man needed a ‘help meet” Now I have heard people describe this “help meet” as at worst a man’s housekeeper and at best his side kick (sort of like Robin to his Batman). But that word in the Hebrew is Ezer. It is used to describe a warrior. The word in the OT is used 21 times 2 times to describe women and 15 times to describe God Himself (I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comets my Help (Ezer)). No one would consider God as their sidekick.

The second time women are describe in the bible, the word virtuous is used (Proverbs 31). Virtuous means strong, abled, efficient, mighty, army. But most teachings have distorted this to look like a “Super Mom”, a woman who keeps an immaculate home, raise the children, take care of her husband and still has time make her own clothes. This description of the role of women just make most women feel condemned for not measuring up. (Besides everyone fails to mention the Proverbs 31 woman had servants.)

So what is God’s intent for woman? To walk side by side with man, pushing back the darkness, subduing the earth, taking dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:28). The fight was never intended to be man vs. woman. The fight was intended to be man AND woman vs. the darkness.

The enemy has distorted woman’s role for far too long. But the gig is up. I know who I am in Him and I am raising an army of women to know their strength, their beauty, their worth, their gifting so that we along with the men we love can go forth and do damage to the kingdom of darkness.