What Is Your Name?

I find it fascinating the women listed in Jesus’ genealogy. They all were in some way scandalous. Rahab was one of those women. According to our societal norms, Rahab is perhaps the most scandalous of all. She was a prostitute.

But that was just one side of Rahab. She was smart, a shrewd business woman. She was a woman of her word. She looked out for not just herself but her family as well. She was a woman of faith. She was brave. When the heroes of faith are listed, her name appears.

Despite her many good qualities, every time her story is told in the Bible, she is listed as Rahab, the prostitute. Prostitute became her identity.

There is only one writer in the Bible who referred to her simply as, Rahab.

Matthew was a man with a past. He was a tax collector. He was considered the worst of all sinners. Not only did he work for the government oppressing his people, he took advantage and cheated his own people.

Matthew the tax-collector knew first hand the sting of having “the” as your middle name. Perhaps that is why he is the only writer to refer to her as simply, Rahab.

This world is quick to give us “the” as our middle name. It is quick to define us by our past, our bad deeds, our circumstances. The world calls us:

Doris “the” divorcée.
Will “the” womanizer.
Paula “the” poor.
Steve “the” sick.
Debbie “the” difficult.
Lyle “the” lonely.
Sally “the” single.
Ann “the” abandoned.

Before long, we begin to see ourselves through the lenses of our “the” middle name.

But you are more than your “the” middle name the world has given you. Just as Rahab was more than her occupation, you are more than your past mistakes, more than your circumstances, more than the choices you have made. Get out of the box society has placed you in and embrace the name God has given you.

He says you are

Vickie “the” victorious.
Sam “the” successful.
Opal “the” overcomer.
Rick “the” righteous.
Holly “the” healed.
Abby “the” accepted.

Only allow God to give you “the” for a middle name. Because when he saw
Rahab he saw

Rahab  “the” one who is shrewd enough to help the spies.

Rahab “the” future carrier of the seed of Christ.

Rahab “the” one full of faith.

Rahab “the” brave.

How does God see you? Ask Him. Ask Him what is your name. Then wear it proudly!

“By faith Rahab the prostitute welcomed the spies in peace and didn’t perish with those who disobeyed.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:31‬ ‭CSB‬‬