The Prayer

Lord, I thank you that you are neither a Republican or a Democrat. You are not American, or Asian, or Italian. You are God of the Universe, a good Father to ALL people regardless of race, ethnicity, or political affiliation.

Father, this morning I declare my faith, my hope, my trust is not in any man, nor in any political party. My faith, my hope, my trust is in you and you alone. I repent for looking to man to solve this problem or thinking I, in my limited understanding, know what is best.

Father, give our leaders, all of our leaders, wisdom. Give them dreams and vision, spiritual insight, and new revelation. Show them how to navigate us out of this crisis. Give them your heart. Let them see what you want to accomplish at this moment in time. Give them strength to do what is right without regard for popularity or political affiliation.

Father, my heart aches. It aches because my country is so politically divided. It hurts because people are dying and we care more about our political agendas, our economy, our personal comfort than lives. Heal our land, Lord. Heal our division. Heal our greed. Heal our selfishness. Heal our idolatry.

Father, bring a renewal, a refreshing. Begin with our leaders. May our political and spiritual leaders have a real encounter with the Almighty God. May our leaders be humbled in your presence. May the world witness their complete change of hearts and know they have had an encounter with God Almighty. May their encounter spark a divine renewal, a reawakening of the world’s need for the one true God.

Father, you said anything we asked according to your will, we can have confidence you will answer. So Father, I lay down my worries, my fears, my agenda, and confidently declare, “Let Your will be done in America, in China, and throughout the world.” I trust you are a good Father. I trust your word. I trust that this virus will not prosper. I trust You! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.