The Challenge Week 4 Day 5

What is your view of Father God? We often see God through our father filters. Was your natural father distant, abusive, critical, a disciplinarian?

My father was 49 when I was born. He was raised in rural Mississippi and his mother passed away when he was very young. He grew up without the softening touch of a mom. He was a great provider for our family but I have no memories of tender moments with my dad.

So my father filter was that of God who provides for your daily needs only. A God who is a protector but also critical and a disciplinarian. A God who loves me but is not tender towards me.

So Zephaniah 3:17 revolutionized my view of God.
““The LORD your God is in your midst, A Warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with joy; He will be quiet in His love [making no mention of your past sins], He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.” ZEPHANIAH‬ ‭3:17‬ ‭AMP‬‬

I now see a God who is present. Who enjoys spending time with me. A God who rejoices when I come in the room, who smiles when I choose him. I still see Him as my protector and my provider but His protection is because I am engulfed in His arms. He provides generously, giving me not just what I need but more than I can ask or imagine. I see a God in whose eyes I am perfect, beautiful, without a flaw. He is not critical of me; He does not recall my past mistakes. I now see a God who is joyfully singing and dancing over me.

What is your image of God? I pray God would give you a fresh revelation of the Father’s love today.

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