Sow More Reap More

The more I look at political posts…the more angrier I am.
The more I watch the news…the more depressed I am.
The more I compare myself with others…the more hopeless I feel.
The more I think about my lack…the more unsatified I become.

It seems to me, I’m choosing to make myself depressed because…

The more I worship…the more I am encouraged.
The more I read the word…the more I am empowered.
The more I steward well what I have been given…the more I am fulfilled.
The more I give away…the more I am given.

Sounds to me, my problem is the not the enemy. My problem is partnering with him.

2019 is the year of MORE but I get to choose which “MORE” I receive based on which “MORE” I sow. I am going to choose to worship more, read His Word more, journal more, speak words of encouragement more, preach more, teach more, give more, love more.


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