Soar into Your Blessing

Yesterday, I watched this video of a little league baseball game. A player was attempting to steal home. The pitcher noticed it, threw the ball to the catcher perfectly. By all accounts, the runner should have been out. But neither the catcher nor the pitcher could have anticipated what came next. The runner, as he approached home, literally jumps in the air and soared over the catcher and landed on home plate and was declared safe. It was a remarkable play.

As we were worshipping yesterday at church, that image appeared in my head once again. And I felt as if the Lord said, “That’s what happens when my children worship.”

Satan’s minion have executed a well thought out plan to get us out. They see us headed toward a blessing (home plate) and they throw a curve ball at us . But when we praise, we soar on wings like eagles. When we lift Him Up, He lifts us up. When we praise our God despite our heartache, despite the doctor’s diagnosis, despite the bad report, despite the precision at which the enemy lobbed that ball at us, we surprise the enemy by leaping over his attack and landing safely into our blessing.

I’m sure the pitcher and the catcher thought this would be an easy out. They were not prepared for this kid to soar in the air. The enemy thought we would be an easy out as well. His tricks may have worked previously but not today. Today we will choose to worship. Today We are going to soar over our problems. Soar over our enemy (he is after all under our feet). Today, as we approach our blessing and the enemy is trying to get us out, we are going to praise God and an angelic host will lift us up. Our enemy will be confused, asking, “Where did they go? I almost had them out.” But we are resting in our blessing. Praise Him!

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭69:30‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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