Right Here. Right Now

Senor Juan in Tizimin Mexico Healed of back pain

Before starting out on this Mission’s Trip, the following song by MercyMe popped up in my FB memory feed. Yesterday, on the last leg of my flight, it popped up on the random playlist on my phone.

“We will be your voice calling, your hands healing, your feet walking into a broken world, your chain breaker, your peace maker.  We will be your hope and joy.  We will be your LOVE! ” Click here to hear the full song.

Perhaps, the Lord is reminding me that when I landed at RDU last night, my mission’s trip did not end. As a Christian, I live on the mission’s field.

Here in Southern Wake County, among the $350K homes, there are those who are homeless. In the affluent suburbs, there is poverty. In the middle of the best hospitals in the world, there are those who are sick but can’t afford healthcare. In the absence of war, there are those tormented by addictions, memories of abuse, and current abuse. There is opportunity to be His Love – right here, right now.

While in Mexico, we were alert. We were looking for people to bless. Some of our team were disappointed when they couldn’t go out in 100 degree weather and deliver food and pray for the poor (I was not one of those people.) We were excited to go into the City Square and pray for the Government of Mexico without taking sides. We delighted in hearing from the Lord and blessing complete strangers. What if we were that excited to be His Love – right here, right now?

I no longer want to live a dual lifestyle. I want the Melissa in Mexico to be the Melissa in Holly Springs. I want the same church I saw in Mexico to be the church I see in Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh. I want to be just as excited to be His hands and feet – right here, right now.

When Jesus commissioned his disciples, he told them to start first in Jerusalem, their hometown. So if you have no desire or are unable to take a week off and travel to Mexico, don’t worry. Start in your Jerusalem, your hometown. You can be His Love – Right here. Right now.

“But the Holy Spirit will come upon you and give you power. Then you will tell everyone about me in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and everywhere in the world.””

Acts 1:8 CEV