The first movie James and I saw together was Back to the Future. It is one of my all time favorites. My favorite part is the end because not only was Marty’s family restored, it was redeemed. I went to a creative seminar and was told a good story will always be redemptive. (Maybe that is why I needed counseling after the last Avengers movie.)

Redemption is better than restoration. Restoration, puts you back where you were, redemption puts you in a better place and avenges your enemy. God is redemptive. 

If you have been mistreated, experienced injustice, if a wrong has been done to you know God will redeem.

A sickness threatened you?  Not only is God healing you but He is giving you an anointing to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.

Doors closed in your face? Many doors are opening for you and you will lead others to breakthrough.

Lack has plagued you? God is blessing you so that you will be blessing.

Expect God’s redemption in your life. Expect not only will God restore but He will make it better than it was before!

I love this promise from Isaiah. Every person who has endured ridicule, every person of color who has been denied because of their ethnicity, every woman who has experienced a glass ceiling, this promise is for you:

“They were terribly insulted and horribly mistreated; now they will be greatly blessed and joyful forever.”

Isaiah 61:7 CEV

Our God is redemptive!

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