That is my prophetic Word for 2019 – More.

I asked God what does it mean? He said “More”.

Yesterday, two people gave me a prophetic word and the gist of both was “More.”

So I am agreeing with God and I am declaring more over my life and yours. This is my prayer for me, my children, and you, my readers:

Father I thank you that in 2019 we will

Experience MORE of your presence, MORE of your love, MORE of your power.

Recieve MORE revelation of your goodness, your character, your plans, your grace.

Walk in MORE power.

Perform MORE miraculous acts.

Gain MORE influence at work, in our communities, in the hearts of Pre-Christians.

Partner with the Holy Spirit to see MORE people healed, saved, and set free.

Hear His voice MORE clearly and MORE often.

Receive MORE finances and in turn become MORE generous.

Walk in MORE fruit of the Spirit and utilize MORE gifts of the Spirit.

MORE book sales, MORE opportunities to speak, MORE opportunities to travel, MORE opportunities to be God’s hands and feet, MORE opportunities to encourage, MORE opportunities to love, MORE opportunities to write.

MORE than I can ever ask, think, or imagine. MORE in 2019!

Let 2019 be a #nostressyear

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