Lord of the Breakthrough

The Holy Spirit and I are having a disagreement this morning. Well, not so much a disagreement but I’m struggling to receive truth. Our conversation sounded like this:

Holy Spirit: I’m about to do a new thing.
Me: But I’ve been hurt before.
Holy Spirit: I’m about to do a new thing that is beyond what you can ask, think or imagine.
Me: I don’t want to be disappointed so forgive me as I manage my expectations.
Holy Spirit: Its a new day, my daughter.
Me: I’m still recovering from the last season.

Can anyone relate this morning? Is anyone else filtering God’s promise through past hurts? Is anyone else hesitant to hope?

Earlier this week, I shared my favorite three names of God with my Bible Study. The Holy Spirit reminded me of those names this morning as I struggled to believe truth. He said, “it was not a coincidence that you chose those three names. It was a prophetic statement of what I am doing at this moment in the Body of Christ. (Over the next three days, I will share the names God gave me.)

The first name God put on my heart was Baal Perazim – Lord of the Breakthrough

The Philistines had been a snare to the children of Israel for 125 years. But in II Samuel 5:20, David fought the Philistines and won the battle. David recognized there was something different about this battle. He recognized it was a breakthrough battle. This battle signified the end of their struggle with the Philistines.

Eight years later (II Samuel 8:1), after 125 years of conflict, David completely subjugated the Philistines. It began with a breakthrough battle.

What is your Philistine? What have you been warring against for years and years? Lack? Sickness? Singleness? Obscurity? Abusive marriage? Obesity? Depression? You have decided, this is just who I am. What makes it hard for you to believe, “God is about to do something new?”

He is Lord of the Breakthrough!

When David heard the Philistines were poised to attack, he did not go into battle immediately. He got alone with God and inquired of the Lord. His breakthrough came in the quiet place first.

I believe with all my heart, God is about to break through some areas of my life and yours. He is Lord of the Breakthrough. Get in the quiet place and allow God to identify your Philistine. Trust Him. Engage in the Battle. Watch the walls come down. Watch your breakthrough happen. You are about to subjugate your Philistine.

When the Holy Spirits says, “l am about to do a new thing.” We can respond, “Yes, because you are Lord of the Breakthrough!”

““Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:18-19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

PS: I will share the second name tomorrow.