Life Lesson – Cheerfulness

“Live a cheerful life, without complaining or division among yourselves.” Philippians‬ ‭2:14‬ ‭TPT

We have been testing all week at work. Tuesday, I walked into the room to test and the desks were in disarray. The previous person who tested in the room did not leave the room test ready. So along with setting up the computers, I now had to rearrange the desks. This ticked me off. Even though another teacher, graciously came in to help me, I was still ticked. I was ticked off the rest of the day.

I chose in that moment to complain rather than live a cheerful life.

When Paul gave us the instruction to “live a cheerful life,” he of all people knew life would be difficult. He gave these directions while he was falsely imprisoned. He wrote “live a cheerful life,” not from a palace but from a prison. As a matter of fact he said do this even though we live in the midst of a brutal and perverse generation (like people who leave a room a mess for the next person to deal with.)

We don’t get to choose our circumstances. We get to choose our response. We get to choose joy. We get to choose cheerfulness. We get to shine like stars.

We have an all encompassing promise: No matter what we endure, no matter what comes our way, no matter how difficult life becomes, we know it will all work together for good. The kingdom of God will advance. So therefore, no matter what I face, I can find joy. I don’t give thanks for my trials but I give thanks IN my trials and I choose cheerfulness.


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