Gifts for the Teacher in Your Life


This week I’ve heard exciting news from some of my former students. One former student passed her National Boards Certification, another was accepted into Dental School and another received his Professional Engineer License. I’m proud of all of them. These three are diverse in race and career aspirations but they each have one thing in common – a teacher.

What does this have to do with #stressfreeholidays ?

After hearing from former students this week, It made me think. We all have had that one teacher who inspired, encouraged, believed in us perhaps when we didn’t believe in ourselves. We all are where we are today because of teachers. So this holiday, I would like to encourage you to “Thank a Teacher.”

Below are five gift ideas to bless a teacher in your life.

1. A well written note of encouragement. This is simple and inexpensive. Write a note (not an email) on stationary detailing specific examples of how this teacher has blessed your child. Teachers feel (and are) unappreciated. Words of affirmation encourages them to continuing going the extra mile for your child and others.

2. Gift cards. I know that sounds so impersonal but remember teachers are underpaid and we don’t get Christmas bonuses. A gift card with a note of gratitude will be greatly appreciated.

3. Supplies for the room. Again, this sounds impersonal but most teachers are spending their own money on class supplies. Refer back to the list you received at the beginning of the year and help your teacher re-stock their classroom.

4. Chocolate. It’s a stressful job and sometimes you just need some chocolate.

5. An ornament for their tree. Each year, when I decorate my tree, I remember fondly the students who have given me ornaments over the years. Hint: Write your child’s name, the year, and school on the back of the ornament to help the teacher remember as they get older.

Each of us have been inspired by a teacher. Let’s give back a small portion what we have been given.

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