Christian Beatitudes for Social Media

Blessed are those who are poor in understanding but seek to understand before they post.
Blessed are those who can humbly admit they are not an expert on every topic.
Blessed are those who just roll their eyes, keep strolling, and pray for their friend who posted an unsubstantiated fact.
Blessed are those when people dislike you and exclude you because you refuse to take a side and only quote scripture on social media.

Love those who disagree with you on social media.
Bless those who have a different political view, a different pandemic plan, a different mask wearing strategy.
If someone insults you on social media, pray for them. Do not return insult for insult.
If someone respectfully questions your position, ask the Holy Spirit to give you a greater understanding of your position. Do not take it as a personal attack.
Comment on others post as you would have them comment on yours.

If you only listen to people who agree with you, what credit is that for you? Even sinners agree with those who agree with them. But listen to voices different than yours without waiting to respond. Maybe you will learn something. Seek to find common ground. Ask questions for understanding.

Love those who disagree with you. If you do, your peace will be great and you will be known as Children of the Most High. Remember, your Heavenly Father is kind to those who disagrees with you and takes no side. Therefore, as you post, be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

Do not judge. Seek to see others perspective
Do not use inflammatory words (especially terms you don’t understand.)
Do not condemn. Forgive quickly
Do not spread fear. Post words of hope.
Remove all planks from you eye before commenting on others specks.
Remember, your posts speaks what your heart is full of.

Read Luke 6:20-42