The Challenge – Week 3 Day 5

What do you tell a church plaqued with immorality, dissension, and carnality? What is God speaking to all of His children today?

1. May the Lord be kind to you and bless you with peace.
2. God has given you undeserved grace in Christ Jesus and has enriched you in every way. He helps you speak and has given you understanding.
3. You have every spiritual blessing needed as you wait for His return.
4. God will keep you completely innocent.
5. God can be trusted and He has chosen to you to be partners with His son.

No matter where you find yourself this morning. No matter what you did last night, God is reminding you of these five things as well. Everything you need is found in Christ. You have been blessed with every Spiritual gift.

I pray God will give you a fresh revelation of this truth. I pray you walk into every situation today confident in the Christ in you, knowing He has enriched you in speech and knowledge. You will not face any circumstance today that He has not prepared you for, that He has not equipped you for. You have every spiritual gift needed to succeed today!

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