The Challenge – Week 1 Day 4

The Rain. Falls sweetly to the ground, producing life. Green pastures are sustained by the rain. Fruit trees flourish in the rain. The birds in the air, livestock, humans, we are all satisfied because of the rain.

Perhaps, this is why God likens His Word to the rain. His word produces life, green pastures, fruit. We are all sustained on His Word. Jesus confirmed, We cannot exist simply on bread, we need the sustaining force found only in His Word.”

Now His Word is not just His written word found in the pages of the Bible. His word is also that sweet, still small voice whispered in our ears. The two are married, each incomplete without the other and each providing checks and balance for the other. Together, His written word and His spoken word, speak life to us, delivers promises, defines our identity.

And when His Word is spoken, either to us or through us, we have a guarantee that it will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. It will not fall on dry ground, it will not run off into the ditch. It will pierce our hearts, bring a fresh revelation of His love, heal our souls and body, and produce hope when our souls are weary.

So today, declare His Word. Preach it! Sing it! It IS, despite what we may see with our natural eyes, producing a harvest, setting the captives free, bringing children home, healing our hearts and bodies, opening doors, transforming lives, taking roots in our hearts. It will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it. Speak the Word!

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