The Challenge

Dear Friends,
I am excited about what God is doing! Just recently he gave me an acronym to help study and memorize bible verses – MAP (Memorize, Actualize, Personalize). I then asked a few friends to join me on a journey of memorizing 50 bible verses over the summer. Well the response was overwhelming. Currently we have almost 300 people from around the nation participating in THE CHALLENGE.

I am pleased to offer THE CHALLENGE to you as well, my loyal subscribers. You will not need to do anything. You will continue to receive a daily devotional from me but also a weekly blog, listing the scripture for the week. You can participate or not. But it will include a devotional, a prayer, and a list of scripture for the week. Even if you choose not to participate in THE CHALLENGE, I would encourage you to read the devotional and my daily ‘aha’ moments from the scripture.

I appreciate your support of MBoldenMinistries.

Watch this short video below for more information on THE CHALLENGE!

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