Who Are You?

“The devil said to Jesus, “If you are God’s Son, tell this stone to turn into bread.””
‭‭Luke‬ ‭4:3‬ ‭CEV‬‬

We have all read the story of the temptation of Jesus. This encounter has been used to impart the power of knowing God’s word and the power of God’s word. I, too, have preached this.

But Jesus wielded two weapons that day – The Word of God and Knowing His Identity.

Each of Satan’s temptation asked Jesus to perform to prove His identity. “If you are the son of God….then prove it. Perform.”

The enemy was not unfamiliar with this tactic. It worked on Eve. “It you eat of the tree, you will become ‘like’ God.” But Eve had already been created in His image. She lost sight of that fact and succumb to his temptation.

Knowing your identity – who God says you are – is crucial if you are to be victorious in the kingdom of God. When you know your identity, the enemy can’t make you play defense when you are made to play offense. When you know who you are, the enemy can’t successfully get you to play the game his way – lie, steal, fear, take short cuts, covet, be anxious….

Know your identity in Him.
Know you are a son or a daughter.
Know you were created in His image.
Know you the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
Know you are strong.
Know you have been given every spiritual gift.
Know you are His masterpiece, His poem, created for good works.
Know you were not a mistake!

Friends, let us face this day, knowing who we are and whose we are! We are sons and daughters of the most High!