Three Truths

Three Hard Truths from the Story of Cornelius and Peter as told in Acts 10:

1. Salvation is through Christ alone (v. 22). Cornelius was described as devout. He prayed to God and gave alms. He was kind and generous to the Jewish nation. But he lacked one thing. A saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Peter was sent to preach the gospel. To give Cornelius Jesus.

This is not exclusionary. It’s very inclusive because all have opportunity to believe. Which brings us to truth #2

2. God does not show favoritism (v. 34). God is wooing every single person on the planet to believe in Jesus. The angel could have shared the Good News with Cornelius but instead God sent Peter. Our job is to share the Gospel.

Peter had to break cultural and religious norms to enter into Cornelius’ home. But it was in fellowshipping with Gentiles, Peter began a revolution that has opened the door for all of us to come in.

Who is God sending you to? Your obnoxious neighbor? The Muslim family down the street? Your unsaved in-laws? The gay couple you see at the gym? Who has your religion told you was off-limits but God told you to love? Go preach Salvation through Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

3. Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean (v. 15.) If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you have been made clean, righteous, holy and blameless. See yourself as God sees you. Do not agree with your old nature but embrace who God has made you today.

You are NOT a sinner saved by grace. You were a sinner. You were saved by grace but now you are the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Now you are a son or daughter. Now you are a member of the Bride of Christ. Now you are cleaned!

So what do we with these truths? Simple. Boldly preach the Gospel in love.

We are qualified to preach by the Blood of Jesus. Everyone is welcomed because of the Blood of Jesus. But no one can enter unless they go through Jesus.