The Real Superheroes

As a family, we enjoy superhero movies. My husband and children talk as if the Marvel Universe is real, informing me of all the backstories when we watch a movie. Marvel & DC movies are some of the best grossing movies in the industry.

So what is the fascination with Marvel & DC? Simple, everyone wants a hero. It gives us peace to think if the worse happens, there is a savior that will step in and save us.

But can I tell you a secret? That is the job of the Church. God has equipped us to be the Justice League of the World, The Avengers of Truth.

We may not fly like Superman but we were can soar like eagles.

We may not have Batman’s utility belt but we are equipped with every spiritual blessing.

We may not have Ironman’s shiny red suit but we have the armor of God.

We may not have Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth but we have the gift of discernment.

We may not have Professor X’s telepathic abilities but we have the gift of the prophetic to see the gifts in a person’s heart.

We may not be a genetically altered Soldier, but we are new creatures with the mind and the heart of Christ.

We may not have Thor’s hammer but we have the Word of God able to divide soul and spirit.

We may not have The Hulk’s brute strength but we have the power of prayer that can travel undetected to the farthest ends of the earth.

We don’t need Dr. Strange’s mysticism. We have the Holy Spirit.

And like Black Panther, God has raised up strong women warriors called Ezer to keep the peace.

We are the real Superheroes and now it’s time for us to suit up and unite. It is our job to fight for justice for the underdogs – the poor, the disenfranchised, the unborn, the newly born, the fatherless, widows and foreigners.

It is our job to avenge those who have been harassed by the enemy through depression, sickness, lack.

It is our job to heal the sick, love the unlovable, demonstrate kindness and populate heaven.

Jesus, the first Superhero, has equipped us, His church, to do what he did – be a Hero in this world. Let us rise up and take our place!

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