The Lord is My Banner

Jehovah Nissi – the Lord is my Banner

In the wilderness, children of Israel would raise a banner that served as a rallying point for the tribes. They would assemble by tribe and march forth.

After a major victory, Moses built an altar, a place of remembrance to remind us that our only true banner is the Lord. Let us thousands of years later remind ourselves that we are not called to rally together around our denominational lines, our tribal or ethnic lines and surely not around political lines. Our Banner is the Lord!

He is where we run in times of trouble. He is our refuge in the storm. He is our hope. He is our trust. He is our strong tower! He fights for us. He is our banner.

Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner; (‭Exodus‬ ‭17‬:‭15‬ NASB)