Check out this testimony from a reader of my new book, Redefined. (I am quoting her from memory.)

“As I was reading the chapter about the woman with the issue of blood in Redefined, the Lord told me to heal my husband. I told the Lord, “Wait until I finish this chapter.”

The Lord said, “Do it now.”

I put the book down and called my husband over. He had pain in his leg. After praying several times his pain was completely gone.

I asked my husband, “Do you know what just happened?” He said, “You healed me.” I said, “No, God healed you.”

My husband believes there is a God but does not really have a relationship with God.”

I love this testimony! I am humbled how God is using my book to encourage and empower people.

But please, when God tells you to do something let that take precedence over finishing a chapter. 😂 😝 My Book is good but God is better.

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