Two promises as Christians we need to grab a hold of:

1. God IS NOT ANGRY WITH YOU! His wrath was poured out on Christ so that you would no longer be the object of His wrath. He has vowed never to be angry with you again. So if life is hard, if trouble seems to be calling your name, know this: it’s not because God is angry with you, or because He is punishing you. Which brings us to the next promise.

2. God IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE BAD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO YOU! We live in a fallen world. Storms rage, sickness kills, innocent are accused. We have a very real adversary who is good at his job of killing, stealing, and destroying. But we must recognize the works of the enemy and do not partner with it in any form or fashion. Now, He is not the author, He can and will bring redemption, restoration, and hope into the worst of situations. He does it so beautifully that you may be tempted to believe the bad thing was Caused by Him. It was not.

So the moral of this rant is:
God always good, devil bad.
God loves extravagantly. Devil hates.
God happy. Devil angry.
God heals. Devil seeks to kill.
God redeems. Devil seeks to steal.
God restores. Devil tries to destroy.

But don’t think it’s an even fight. It’s not. We, in Christ, always win. We always triumph. As long as we recognize what God is doing vs. the enemy.

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