Radical Obedience

God: Noah, I’m going to flood the earth. I need you to build an ark.
Noah: Okay God. But what is a flood?
God: It’s when it rains so much, the water covers the earth.
Noah: Okay. But what is rain?
God: Water falling from the sky.
Noah: Okay. But what is an ark?

I’m imagining the conversation between Noah and God this morning. Noah had no reference point for what God asked him to do (Hebrews 11:7). Many believe the flood was the first time it had rained. If so, Noah would not have seen rain. There was no context for what God asked him to do.

Yet he obeyed. Noah was radically obedient.

I wonder if his family and friends questioned his sanity? Yet he was undaunted.

I wonder if he were ridiculed? Yet he continued to build.

I wonder if he were squeamish at the thought of living with two of every kind of animal for forty days?

But despite the ridicule, the concerns, the seemingly impossibility, Noah obeyed.

I want to be radically obedient. Radical obedience requires radical faith which requires radical intimacy with God. I want to live my life such that I don’t know where my thoughts end and His begin. I want to hear his voice clearly and then have the faith to do what he did without regard of what people think of me. I want to live a life of radical obedience.

“Lord teach me to be radically obedient. Let me step out in faith and take risks. Let me be obedient to your promptings and nudges today. Let me lay down my pride and walk humbly with you. Amen”

My decree today: Lord I am radically obedient.

“And Noah did this. He did everything that God had commanded him.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭6:22‬ ‭CSB‬‬