Pray for Our Schools

Today is the first day of my twentieth year of teaching. As some of you know, teaching is a second profession for me. I never dreamed as a child I would teach. I never wanted to teach but now I can’t see myself doing anything else. It’s funny how God directs our paths.

So many things have changed in the last twenty years. Some good. Some bad. But this year I am presented with a particularly difficult challenge for me that is indicative of how times have changed.

So this morning, I am using this platform and my influence to illicit prayer, specifically for public schools. I have always been and continue to be a huge proponent of public schools. I am sadden to see so many Christians opt out of public schools. But that is a discussion for another time.

Public schools meet the needs of a very diverse population. Students with physical and mental disabilities, limited English proficiency, homelessness, too much money, and every ethnic group imaginable all come together under one roof to be served by teachers.

Please pray this morning for teachers, students and parents. Pray teachers have wisdom, strength, patience to handle the wide barrage of students they will encounter this year.

Pray that students will feel loved, accepted, and safe in classrooms across the nation.

Pray parents will encourage, support, and love their students,teachers, and schools.

But most importantly pray that the Holy Spirit invades the minds and hearts of teachers, administrators, and students. Pray students are safe from violence, bullying, and sexual assault. Pray that any plans the enemy has to harm a child will be thwarted immediately. Pray that every child, every teacher, every administrator, and every parent have a greater revelation of God’s love.

Can everyone stop for just a moment and pray for public schools today.

“Since we have this confidence, we can also have great boldness before him, for if we ask anything agreeable to his will, he will hear us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we also know that we have obtained the requests we ask of him.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭5:14-15‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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