New Level…

Yesterday, I walked by a co-workers office. She was frazzled. This year, she had changed jobs. She was absolutely amazing in her former position. She did it with ease and grace. But this new job was challenging her. She felt uncomfortable, unprepared, and inadequate. She questioned her decision to take on a new challenge and longed to go back to her old position.

I noticed her angst and stopped to pray with her. (Yes, there is prayer in public schools.)

Her predicament reminded me of life in the Kingdom. God takes us from glory to glory, promotion to promotion. But often that promotion is uncomfortable.

The very thing we prayed for and anticipated can leave us longing for the good old days when life was easy. When we could do our job more out of routine than faith.

Some say, “new level, new devil.” But I think that gives too much power to the enemy. I say, “new level, greater reliance needed on God which means greater revelation of God’s goodness and faithfulness which means a stronger, fiercer, you!” (Okay mine is not catchy, but this Christian life was not meant to be lived out through catch phrases).

So if you are wondering how you are going to be successful:
Parenting the child you prayed for,
Loving the spouse you longed for,
Performing in the promotion you sought,
Ministering in the opportunity you dreamt about,
Taking care of the house you desired,
Stewarding the opportunity you have been granted,
Gaining clients for the business you started,

Let me pray for you (and me) as I prayed for my co-worker yesterday.

Lord I thank you that peace will invade our anxious heart. I denounce the lies of the enemy that says, “We can’t.” I stand firm, knowing, “We can do all things through You, who gives us strength.” You are a good and faithful God. You would not, did not bring us to this point just to leave us here alone. As you were with us in the last season, you will be with us in this new season. You have equipped us for such a time as this. You are pouring out Supernatural wisdom upon us to help us in this new position. You are granting us favor with those around us. We will have great success in this new position. We will not go back. We are moving forward with joy, confidence, and excitement. Thank you Father for this opportunity. Amen.