I Worship

imageWhen I consider your vastness, O Lord, your splendor and your majesty, I worship.

When I remember who I was – lost, rebellious, disobedient – yet you loved me and wooed me to you, I worship.

When I think about the trials I have faced, the disappointment, the sorrow, the heartache, and yet through it all you were faithful to deliver me, I worship.

When I recall the times of joy and victory, watching you do the miraculous in me and through me, I worship.

When I meditate on who I am in you, the promises given to me as a daughter and as a bride, I worship.

When I consider, the sufferings Christ endured so that I could be forever forgiven, eternally accepted, and perpetually in your presence, I worship.

When I imagine what you still have in store for me, the miracles yet to come, the doors yet to open, the promises still to be fulfilled, I worship.