My child,
I was. I will be. I Am.

I Am Health.
I Am Provision.
I Am Wisdom.
I Am Love.
I Am Acceptance.
I Am Peace.
I Am Lord.
I Am Refuge.
I Am Strength.
I Am Joy.
I Am Hope.

What do you need today? Come to the fountain. Partake of my Goodness. Drink from my unlimited resources. This day, I Am whatever you need and tomorrow, I will be the same. I Am forever I Am.

If you are living in the past – regrets, disappointments, unforgiveness – you will miss what I Am for you today. I Was yesterday, but today I Am. If you are living in the future – worrying, wondering, fearing- you will not see what I Am doing in this moment. I Will be tomorrow but enjoy today’s I Am.

I Am now. I Am present. I Am Today. Live in Me, the I Am.