We all, whether black or white, Jew or Gentile, male or female are where we are today because of strong women. Women who endured hardships, persecution and being considered second class citizens. Women who were denied opportunities simply because of their gender. Women who sacrificed for their children, submitted to their husbands while stifling their own dreams. Strong women. Beautiful women. Devalued women.

The History of man is incomplete without HerStory. So let us celebrate Womanhood today.

Eve -the first. Created to subdue darkness and reign equally with Adam.

Sarah – mother of a nation. Full of faith. Strong. Tenacious.

Leah – unloved by man, loved by God.

Tamar – cunning, knew what was rightfully hers and stood up for herself even when it was inconvenient.

Zipporah – appeased God’s anger at Moses. This allowed Moses to lead the nation.

Miriam – worshiper.

Rahab – smart business woman. Full of faith and bravery.

Deborah – leader, prophet, and when necessary, a warrior.

Jael – quietly took down a King of a great nation with a glass of milk and a tent peg.

Hannah – prayed for a son and then willingly gave her son up to be one of the greatest judges in Israel’s existence.

Ruth – loyal, hard working. Cared for her mother-in-law.

Bathsheba – Learned to forgive and walk in honor despite the dastardly acts of others. Exalted as Queen Mother.

Mary, mother of Jesus – surrendered her life to birth the Savior of the world.

History is filled with HerStory. Women full of faith, wisdom, strength. Women who endured trials, battles, hardship. Women who learned to be shocked and dismayed but not lie down and die. Women who infused the story of mankind with warmth, comfort, gentleness. Women who changed the world.

This is the legacy we walk in today. So my sweet sisters, do not believe the lie you are insignificant, less than, the weaker sex. HerStories prove our strength, our value, our worth to our homes, our communities, the Kingdom of God.

In Christ we are strong. In Christ we are unstoppable. In Christ we make a difference.

Women of faith! Woman of Wisdom! Women of Favor! Go leave a legacy!