Got Talent?

I’m reading the parable of the talents from a different perspective this morning. I am empathizing with the guy who was given just one talent and recognizing, I am that guy.

Hear me out.

What was his reasons for burying his talent? He had heard the business owner was harsh. He heard that the business owner made his fortune on the backs of others. He was afraid.

Perhaps this steward is like many of us in church, who have experienced church hurt.

Many of us are burying our talents because of fear.
Fear of being hurt again by Pastors and leaders.
Fear of being used for the advancement of others.
Fear of being dropped because we weren’t good enough.
Fear of offending others when we speak our truth.

So to anyone who has buried their talents or quieted their voice because of church hurt, let me speak loudly and clearly to you this morning.

Your talents and gifts were given to glorify God not man or yourself.

God will never hurt you, take advantage of you, or drop you.

You are God’s masterpiece, created to display your talents for His glory!

Get over yourself. Yes, you will offend some just by being you but Jesus offended people by being Himself. Don’t live your life trying not to offend people. Live your life glorifying God.

Your talents and gifts are needed in the Body of Christ. It’s not about you but those God has called you to serve.

Friends, I know from personal experience, church can sometimes be an unsafe place. I know intimately church hurt. I know the temptation to run and hide. But I also intimately know this: GOD IS GOOD and I AM LOVED.

So I encourage you…Dig up your talent that you have buried due to hurt and give it back to God. Use your talent of teaching, serving, mercy, exhortation, wisdom, hospitality, administration, and leading for the glory of God!

““Then the one who had been entrusted with one thousand gold coins came to his master and said, ‘Look, sir. I know that you are a hard man to please and you’re a shrewd and ruthless businessman who grows rich on the backs of others. I was afraid of you, so I went and hid your money and buried it in the ground. But here it is—take it, it’s yours.’”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭25:24-25‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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