Full Time Ministry

God is speaking to me a lot lately about purpose. In my head there is a disconnect between ministry and my job.

Someone asked me recently, how do I serve in my church. I was a little embarrassed to say, “I’m not currently serving in my church.” I have reduced ministry to a job, to a position. But what God is showing me lately is that ministry is not so much what I do but rather HOW I do what I do.

imageI thank God for church staff, evangelist, and leaders in the church. But not having one of those positions does not make me any less a minister of the gospel. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend and encouraged her in the Lord (that’s ministry). I went to the drugstore and prayed for my cashier (ministry). Last night I greeted parents and students with a smile and encouraged them that they would be successful in my class (ministry).

God told Joshua every place his foot tread was his to have. That word tread means everywhere you go in your day to day life. So we are all called to tread – to minister everywhere we go. So let’s stop focusing on WHAT we do for God and think about HOW we do it. Today, Go out and heed Paul’s exhortation:

Be on guard – open your eyes to the needs around you.
Stand firm in the faith – expect God’s miraculous power to work through you
Be courageous – take risks, step out in faith
Be strong – people may make fun of you, things may not go as you planned but do not relent
Do everything in love – that needs no explanation.

Each of us has been called and commissioned to full time ministry. Go out and minister today!