Freedom Is Not Free

imageYesterday, my daughter and I walked along the trail of the Underground Railroad. It was sobering, and humbling. We imagined walking late at night, in complete darkness, perhaps with small children. Hungry. Cold, Scared. Tired. What if you were caught? Would they return you to the cruelties of your master? Would you be hung? Would you be raped, humiliated?

These were men and women with a strong faith. A strong faith in God as their deliverer and faith in the next generation. They endured that trail, that long, treacherous, trail because freedom at any cost was worth it. Perhaps it was not just their freedom they were fighting for but also the freedom of their children and their children’s children.

These men and women walked this trail over 150 years ago so that I could walk it freely today with no fear. Lives were sacrificed so that today I can worship freely, be educated, own property, vote, voice my opinion. Christ died so that I can be spiritually free, these men and women died so that I could be free to pursue life.

Let us not forget the sacrifices made. And for God’s sake, let those sacrifices not have been made in vain. Let us not willingly enter into slavery of any kind – addictions, the American Dream, work, religion. And if you find yourself enslaved – fear, abusive relationship, the past, addictions, religion, poverty, begin to move toward freedom. Men and women died for your freedom. Christ died for your freedom. Begin to walk that trail to your freedom. Yes, it will be scary, yes there are times when you will be uncomfortable but walk you must! Be enslaved no longer for the sake of your children and your children’s children.